Zoning and Building Bylaws

Zoning Bylaw and Development Permits

If you are constructing or moving in a building anywhere in the RM of Good Lake, you will need to apply for a development permit. One of the main issues for a house, cabin, garage or shed on a resort lot at Good Spirit Lake will be the separation distance from the building to the property lines. You will need to know the size of your lot, and where your property lines and your survey pins are located. Refer to the Site Standards in your respective SR District to find out what your required separation distances are from the side, front and rear property lines.

All zoning requirements can be found in the RM Zoning bylaw. Click below to see the entire consolidated RM of Good Lake Zoning Bylaw.

RM of Good Lake Zoning Bylaw, Consolidated Version (January 2018)

  • The SR-1 Summer Resort District refers to Canora Beach, Good Spirit Lake Summer Resort, Ponderosa, Sandy Beach, Trappers' Cove, M&M Tiechko Beach and Northshore Resort.
  • The SR-2 Summer Residential District refers to Good Spirit Acres.
  • The SR-3 Summer Residential District refers to Burgis Beach.
  • The SR-4 Mobile Home / Trailer District - Only new subdivisions created solely for trailers and mobile homes will be given this designation.

Development Permit Application

  • Development Permit Application Fee: $25.00
  • Development Permit Application Fee for a discretionary use: $50.00
  • Click below to print out an application form

Development Permit Application Form

Building Bylaw and Building Permits - for Burgis Beach and Good Spirit Acres

The Organized Hamlets of Burgis Beach and Good Spirit Acres now have a Building Bylaw. By provincial law, all buildings are required to be built to the National Building Code. Any new house, cabin, garage, or shed over 100 sq ft at Good Spirit Acres or Burgis Beach will now need to be inspected by the RM's building inspector to ensure compliance.

Click below to see the building bylaw for the Organized Hamlets of Burgis Beach and Good Spirit Acres.

Building Bylaw Consolidated Version March 2012

Application fees and inspection fees are to be paid upon a building permit being issued and will vary depending on how many inspections are required.

The Building Inspector will need to review your plans for construction. For a new house or cabin, drawings will typically be required before an approval will be issued.

Click below to print out an application form plus the attachment.

Building Permit Application Form - for Burgis Beach and Good Spirit Acres

Residential Mechanical Ventilation Record - needs to be attached to the submitted Building Permit Application

Building Inspector Forms 

Building Demolition Permits

Planning to demolish a building? Firstly, we need to know so that you don't pay taxes on a building that isn't there. Secondly, disposing of a building at a municipal dump can take up valuable landfill space. Alternatively, the RM may bring in a contractor to shred the remains of the demolished building, so there must not be any metal or concrete in what is hauled to the dump. The RM will charge a minimum of $2,500. for accepting and disposing of a structure up to 1000 sq ft, and $2.50 per sq ft over the 1000.

Click below to print out an application form.

To Demolish or Move in a Building - Application Form